Survivor Nicaragua cast list leaks as CBS confirms tribes split by age

Another leaked detail about Survivor Nicaragua has been confirmed: its tribes are split by age, with one tribe of people under 30 and another over the age of 40. The entire 20-person cast has now been identified, too, although not yet officially.

Previously, Survivor Panama split its four tribes by age, but also by sex, and the age division wasn’t as clear cut. The network describes the “young vs. old” split like this:

“The Espada Tribe, made up of individuals over the age of 40, must prove they have the life experience and knowledge that will ultimately help them Outwit and Outlast their younger competitors. The La Flor Tribe, consisting of individuals 30 years of age and younger, will have to use their youth and vitality to Outplay and ultimately Outlast their elders. Who will prevail: youth or maturity?”

As to the cast, accurate spoiler missyae (the source of information about the awful season 22 twist) has added to other cast rumors by confirming the entire cast.

True Dork Times has the entire cast list including links to reports from missyae and others about their casting.

Besides already confirmed cast member Jimmy Johnson, the cast includes Brenda Lowe, a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader; Kelly Bruno, a triathlete who’s an amputee; Holly Hoffman, a rancher and pageant director; Na Onka Mixon, a long jumper; Alina Wilson, a swimsuit model; Yve Rojas; Wendy Jo Kohlhoff, a goat farmer and former Army nurse; Kelly Shinn, a college student; and “Jimmy T” Tarantino, who won the online Sears casting call contest.

There’s also Chase Rice, a country musician and former linebacker in the NCAA; Tyrone Davis, a fire captain and triathalete; Ben Henry, a club promoter; Shannon Elkins, identified as “a friend of Shaq” who’s from Lafayette like Russell Hantz; Jud Birza, a drummer, model, and actor; and Mary Piombo, an internet executive who used to be a VP at Yahoo.

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