Survivor, TAR cast members molest animals at Sea World (slideshow)

Survivor, Amazing Race, and even some Big Brother cast members gathered in Orlando this past weekend to continue their incestuous post-show interactions, help out a charity, and go to Sea World’s Discovery Cove. Celebration hosted a reunion and sidewalk sale with autograph signing, and a party Saturday night benefited Give Kids the World.

For their strictly-for-fun trip to Sea World’s Discovery Cove, they interacted with animals and posed for promotional photos. I particularly like the way Sea World paired some of the more well-known cast members with an animal and animal action that either relates to their show or to them, like Russell Hantz being blindsided by a dolphin’s splash and Jordan Pious racing a tortoise. Other winners, including Richard Hatch, Natalie White, and Todd Herzog, appear with dolphins. There’s also a group shot of everyone who didn’t merit their own individual shot.

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