Alex Wong out of SYTYCD due to lacerated Achilles tendon, but may return next year

Alex Wong has been eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance 7 because of an injury, though he’ll be permitted to return to and compete next season.

Although the show didn’t reveal this until the end and had both Billy and Ashley do solo dances because they were in the bottom two, but his elimination was no surprise once he appeared on stage, because he was on crutches. “Alex has suffered a lacerated Achilles tendon, which basically means that it’s detached itself from the bone,” Nigel Lythgoe explained, saying Alex is having an operation to fix it Tuesday, and will then rest for three months.

Nigel added, “he is obviously invited back next year,” but didn’t say whether Alex would re-join the finalists or would have to start over again at the Las Vegas level.

The finalists were all emotional, as was Alex, who cried and said, “I’m going to miss you guys so much–Kent.” I’m not sure why he singled out Kent, but Kent was getting a lot of attention: When he said “Kent,” they cut to the group of finalists, where Billy Bell was nuzzling a crying Kent’s shoulder and neck with his nose and face. Cute. (I felt bad for laughing, but it was funny.)

Meanwhile, Mia Michaels apologized/backpedaled from her cruel comments to Adechike. After one of his dances, she said, “My god, I miss Alex right now.” During the results show, she said, “I feel like looking back last night came across looking a little harsh and insensitive, and I’m very sorry if I hurt you in any way.” Then she tried to explain it and said, “there’s such greatness in you” and “I believe in you and I love you,” calling herself “tough love mama Mia.”

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