Alex Wong injured, may be eliminated

So You Think You Can Dance 7 front-runner Alex Wong may be out of the competition permanently because of an injury. His inability to perform in tonight’s live show means he’s in the bottom three automatically, so the judges will have the option of eliminating him Thursday night–although that’d presumably only happen if doctors say he shouldn’t continue in the competition.

Alex “ruptured his Achilles tendon during rehearsals with partner Adechike Torbert on Tuesday and was unable to perform on Wednesday’s episode,” so “Wong plans to see a doctor sometime before Thursday’s episode, in order to determine the extent of his injury and how much time he’ll need to fully recover,” TV Guide reports.

In addition, all-star Allison Holker is sitting out this week, having injured herself two weeks ago. “I have a little slight fracture in my floating ribs. What’s really hurting is part of the fact that my cartilage from all that sensitivity, the cartilage was pulling away from the bone. That’s where all the pain was coming from whenever I’d breathe,” she told “As of now, we’re a go for next week, but my doctor could always say ‘no.'”

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