Project Runway 8 designers’ names leaked; Lifetime releases an HBO-esque trailer

A Project Runway 8 challenge held in late June was open to the public, and thus members of the public now know who the designers are and what their work looks like. A list of the designers and details about the challenge were sent to reality blurred by someone who attended. Separately, Lifetime has released a stunning new trailer for the eighth season, which debuts later this month and will feature 90-minute episodes.

First, someone who attended the designer showcase (Blogging Project Runway had details) e.mailed this list of 15 contestants’ names, which may be incomplete, because there are usually 16 contestants, so if the show follows the same format, it’s likely this challenge was the second, and followed one where the first designer was eliminated.

The tipster writes that “Tim Gunn was at the public judging and as affable as usual–I overheard him telling some people that the challenge was with clients, not models, to re-design a bridesmaid’s dress into a new fashionable outfit. Each designer was standing by their model, and had to persuade or explain what made their design worthy of the win (everyone had a button, to drop in the bowl of the contestant whose design they liked most) Some of the designers were really confident, others looked VERY uncomfortable.”

Here’s the list of 15 designers the tipster sent; corrected spellings or disambiguation is welcome, though thanks to their distinctive names, they’re easily Googleable:

  • A.J. Thouvenot
  • Andy South
  • April Johnston
  • Casanova
  • Chris Collins
  • Gretchen Jones
  • Ivy Higa
  • Kristin Simm
  • Michael Costello
  • Michael Drummond
  • Mondo Guerra
  • Nick D’Aurizio
  • Peach Carr
  • Sarah Trost
  • Valerie Mayen

As to the new season preview, nothing is revealed in it, of course, and I’m sure the people besides Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum are actors, not the real designers, but it’s awesome. It reminds me on some level of Six Feet Under’s killer opening credit sequence. I’m not sure it’s enough to convince me that the series has changed, but if it were to look anything like this, I’d certainly give it another try:

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