Reality show host Emmy dropped from prime-time broadcast

The Emmy for outstanding reality show host will not be presented during the prime-time awards ceremony, as it has been for its first two years. Instead, it will be given out during the Creative Arts Emmys a week earlier, the ceremony dubbed the Schmemmys by Kathy Griffin.

An Academy spokesperson told Variety, “The host category was added two years ago and was never required to be in the Primetime Show. Additionally, last year CBS let the show run 5 minutes over and there were also two no-shows for awards which opened up more time in the show. Since the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award will be presented for the first time in six years, along with the second play of the show on the West Coast beginning at 8 p.m., NBC wants us to try to get off on time and there was just no room for more awards.”

That, of course, is what you might call “bullshit,” and simply a sign of the contempt the Academy obviously has for unscripted TV shows. While both the best reality competition and best reality show Emmys will still be part of the prime-time broadcast, which this year airs on NBC Aug. 29, dropping this category was unnecessary.

The unnecessary filler that consumes time during the show could be cut if they actually cared about coming in on time. And considering they give awards during the prime-time telecast for supporting actors in miniseries, it’d be nice to also spend three minutes on an award that recognizes a person who fronts a show people actually watch.

Exclusive: NBC and TV Academy drop reality host category from Primetime Emmycast [Variety]

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