Tila Tequila no longer doing Celebrity Rehab

Despite desperately needing professional help, Tila Tequial will not be a cast member on the fourth season of Celebrity Rehab.

Radar reports that “‘No,’ was the simple and short statement RadarOnline.com received from Tila’s management, when we questioned if she was still to appear on the show.”

In late May, she blogged (but later deleted the post, though of course that didn’t erase it from the Internet):

“I finally admitted to myself that I cannot rely on taking prescription pills everyday for the rest of my life […] If I do well on ‘CELEBRITY REHAB’ and continue to stay sober, that VH1 May pick up my OWN SPIN OFF SHOW ABOUT MY LIFE SOBER NOW AND HOW I CAN HANDLE BEING A MOGUL, AND STILL TRY TO MEET THE LOVE OF MY LIFE! IT’s gong to be very raw and real.”

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