Are this year’s Big Brother houseguests related to previous houseguests? (Probably not)

A conspiracy theory among Big Brother 12 watchers that the current houseguests may be connected to previous seasons’ houseguests is backed up by some evidence, but may more likely to be the product of wishful thinking for this group of relatively dull houseguests.

A poster at Jokers suggests additional relationships, including Monet and Marcellus Reynolds, and the fact that “Andrew and Howie have the same last name” and “Matt knows Dustin or Joe.”

Last week, hamsterwatch posted a screencap showing that in May, season four and seven’s Erika Landin “liked” one of Hayden’s Facebook status updates. In other words, they were at least Facebook friends, if not actual friends.

While Andrew and season six and seven’s Howie both do have the last name Gordon, there’s no concrete evidence beyond that except Erika’s Facebook friendship with Hayden of any of the rest of the rumored relationships.

And before mysteriously disappearing, season 10’s Steven posted that he wanted to do porn with Lane, so it’s unlikely they’re related, unless he’s moving into incest porn next. By the way, Steven is back on Twitter, so whatever he did was temporary only; he’s not moving back in. Perhaps he just went in to do some product placement for his new penis toy?

Update: Jessie Godderz, who is actually calling his frightful self “Mr. Pec-Tacular, wrote on his blog that he “IS STILL THE TALK OF BIG BROTHER THIS SUMMER” and “Big Brother truly is still tied for the BEST show in the history of television (and I miss it GREATLY)!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope to return ‘someday’. Wink Wink.”

Whenever that someday arrives, my TV goes off until he leaves.

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