Eva Longoria-Parker’s fame-seeking restaurant staff will be the subject of a VH1 reality show

Cameras for a VH1 reality series are following fame-seeking wait staff at Eva Longoria-Parker’s Hollywood restaurant Beso. Beso: Waiting to be Famous, which she’s producing, “will follow the employees that work at my restaurant. I’m not in it that much. I’m married and old now,” she told CNN.

The series is produced by VH1 regular Cris Abrego, and in April, he told Zap2it that “It’s the behind the scenes world of all the aspiring actors and actresses who come here to chase a dream and to become people like Eva. When they work at Beso, every evening there is always somebody from Hollywood here. They’re always so close to it. This establishment lets their wait staff pursue their dream of becoming an actor/actress.”

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