MTV previews the new Real World New Orleans, Jersey Shore’s second season

MTV has released previews for two of its returning reality series, and it’s hard to not see the bleed-over between the latest phenomenon, Jersey Shore, and the old stand-by, The Real World.

First, here’s the trailer for season 24 of MTV’s first reality series, which debuts June 30 and is titled The Real World: New Orleans, as if the first New Orleans-set season never happened. Fitting with its slide into the gutter, the trailer seems to mock the cast member who was assaulted by another cast member, though it also does apparently include the police’s investigation of that assault.

The trailer emphasizes pretty much nothing except partying, stupidity, and sex, which besides being an extension of the series’ trajectory over the past 10 or 15 seasons, seems to me like a desperate attempt to emulate Jersey Shore.

Next, MTV has released the first 13 minutes of Jersey Shore‘s second season, which is partly set in Miami Beach. It emphasizes the cast’s stupidity–Snooki complains about the new tax on tanning, even though it goes into effect in July, long after filming concluded–and also their self-awareness about what happened last season and what they plan to do this season (Snooki will be “a tornado” and destroy things, and Vinny wants “better quality girls”).

In it, Jenni/JWoWW says “it was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity,” and while this preview doesn’t indicate that the show has jumped the shark, it’s only the first 13 minutes, and it does end with an obvious fan hitting on two cast members:

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