NYC Housewives drama: Sonja arrested for DUI, Jill says Ramona’s trip was planned, funded by Bravo; housewife cut

The Real Housewives of New York City concludes its third and most dramatic season yet tonight, although there will, of course, be the requisite Andy Cohen-hosted reunion to rehash what happened and perhaps discuss things that happened after the season, like Kelly pretending she’s a victim of bullying.

There’s been other off-camera drama, as new housewife Sonja Morgan was arrested on Memorial Day for driving while intoxicated. She “gave cops contradictory accounts of her booze intake” after she “was pulled over by a Southampton Village cop in one of the richest neighborhoods in the Hamptons at 2:16 a.m., The New York Post reports.

Speaking of new housewives, the show intended to add another new cast member besides Sonja this season, but event planner Jennifer Gilbert was left on the sidelines of a few scenes despite even being filmed for the opening credits. “I was surprised because I really did film quite a lot,” she told the AP. “I don’t know there’s anything I could’ve done differently to advocate for myself without looking obnoxious. I found in a lot of situations if you didn’t scream the loudest or say the meanest thing you weren’t heard.”

Speaking of being heard, in an interview with TV Guide, Jill Zarin said that her disastrous and self-centered surprise appearance in the Virgin Islands, which we saw on last week’s episode, was dramatic in part because Alex McCord wanted to ensure screen time for herself. “Alex wants to make herself more important on the show, and I totally respect that. And this was her way of doing it. This was her way of creating a place for herself to stay on the show. Without the drama of what she’s been doing, she really doesn’t have a place on the show,” she said.

Jill adds that the editing distorted reality, both in her favor and against it. First, when she arrived with Bobby at the house and was basically ejected by Ramona and a beet-red Alex, Jill said, “You didn’t even seen half of what went on. It was much worst. It’s hard to talk about, it was so bad.”

But she says that Ramona shouldn’t have taken credit for organizing and planning the whole trip–or even for inviting Jill. “And by the way, you know who paid for the trip? Bravo. I don’t understand why all of a sudden this is her trip and under her control. This was a Bravo trip, and we were all invited on equally,” she said. This isn’t much of a surprise, since most of the time, the women seem to take ownership over obviously orchestrated things (“I wanted to get a manicure with Alex so we could talk about how the producers need a scene with us together.”)

Jill also says that she didn’t go for reasons that weren’t made clear on TV. “I was very clear I couldn’t go because that was the weekend before Allison’s applications for her early decision [for colleges] was due. And Ramona knew it. Of course I would have gone. Why would I turn down a free trip to the Caribbean? I thought if I made the effort to go out of my way to go, she’d really appreciate it. Who would think in a million years that she would not even offer me a glass of water? She just told me to get out,” she said.

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