Ali learns of Justin’s infidelity as The Bachelorette ramps up its orchestrated drama

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette 6, Ali Fedotowsky learns that one of her suitors, Justin “Rated R” Rego, has a girlfriend. (It’s the Wes situation all over again, oddly enough.) This is horrifying and unacceptable, because as we all know, it is unthinkable to date more than one person at a time–unless you are on an ABC reality show.

Of course, all of this unfolds in a heavily orchestrated scene in which the producers try to maintain the illusion that the show is really a search for love, and act shocked that someone would go on the show for another reason, like attention. This would probably prompt a spoiler alert, except ABC has basically already revealed it to promote the episode, though stop reading now and don’t watch the clips below if you don’t want to know the details.

Television’s biggest drama queen, Chris Harrison, shows up at Ali’s suite and asks, “You got a second to talk,” Chris asks, as if she has a choice. He explains that “something that was brought to our attention” and by former cast member Jessie Sulidis, who Chris says “contacted us and gave me some information that is legit and I checked it out, a real story that you need to hear.”

He calls her, and magically there are camera crews at her house, too. “One of the guys there has a girlfriend, and that’s Justin,” Jessie reveals, before handing the phone to Justin’s girlfriend, Jessica. She reveals that Justin went on the show because it would “open a lot of doors for me” and it was “solely for the purpose of getting my foot in the door of the entertainment industry and his wrestling career.”

Ali takes this as if she’s been betrayed, telling Justin, “It’s unspeakable what you’ve done. I came here to find a husband, and you’re fucking with that.” It apparently gets more dramatic after that, as the clip below shows him storming off, and cameras chasing Ali through stairwells. How dramatic!

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