Amazing Race 17 now taping, cast identified, includes four beauty queens

The Amazing Race 17 started production a week ago today, and already, several of the teams and their destinations have been identified.

The teams were heavily photographed when the race began last Wednesday in Boston, which is a nice change from the series of Los Angeles starts. As always, the frighteningly resourceful Reality Fan Forum posters have identified several of the teams. (The site is also compiling sightings from around the world and possible eliminations in this timeline thread, which obviously contains spoilers.)

Continuing with the beauty queen kick that the producers seem to be on (Ericka, Caite), the cast includes not one but four beauty queens/pageant winners/whatever. Four! According to the site, they are Mallory Ervin, Miss Kentucky, who’s racing with her dad; Miss South Carolina Stephanie Smith, who’s paired with her boyfriend; and Mrs. Colorado 2009 Megan Yarberry and her friend Mrs. Nebraska 2009 Jennifer Hart.

Among the other racers is YouTube star KevJumba, Kevin Wu, is racing with his father, and a team of two Princeton grads who are members of the a cappella group the Nassoons. The University Press Club has details and interviews with Connor Diemand-Yauman and Jonathan Schwartz.

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