Big Brother/TAR’s Jeff Schroeder will travel Around the World for Free on

Amazing Race 16 cast member (and Big Brother alum) Jeff Schroeder will travel around the world again, but this time without Jordan Lloyd, and also without any money. He’ll be starring in the second season of Around the World for Free as he “attempts to travel around the world in 100 days … with nothing more than a backpack and the help of an online community,” according to CBS’ web site.

The 2007 series followed Amazing Race 2 winner Alex Boylan via daily webisodes, and a version was later broadcast on WGN; it was produced in part by Survivor‘s Burton Roberts. (Read more about the first season.)

CBS Interactive has acquired the rights to the show and its web site says that “Zsolt Luka will reprise his role as field producer, directing, filming, and editing the series on the fly.” For now, the network is offering the first season online. CBS Interactive executive Anthony Soohoo told PC Magazine that “It’s a new and better way to tell a reality story, and we believe smart TV will enable it. … In fact, the show doesn’t really work without active participation from the audience.”

Like during the first season, Jeff will rely on a web site community to guide his trip and help him make decisions. He better hope those watching the series on can tolerate all the ads and, more importantly, aren’t the same people that will be watching Big Brother‘s live feed next month, or he’ll find himself stranded until September.

I know most of the world finds Jeff far more charming than I do, but I think it’s clear from this intro video that he’s still developing his hosting skills, because he’s no Colby Donaldson.

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