Probst says filling in for Larry King, Regis Philbin is “exciting,” could do it permanently

Survivor host Jeff Probst, who’s signed for two more seasons, suggested in an interview that he’d like to make his two guest hosting positions permanent some day.

Probst regularly fills in for Larry King on CNN and for Regis Philbin on his daytime talk show, and in an interview with the New York Post, he first said, “It’s almost disrespectful to imagine yourself in their jobs. They’re their jobs until they decide they’re done.”

However, he also said, “I’m happy filling in for Regis and Larry King. Those are the things that are exciting. Larry King has been the thing that’s been most exciting.” He described his job on each show: “Two completely different shows. Regis is about telling stories, sharing your life on the air. Larry is about other people telling their stories and getting them to share their lives.” And while Probst said, “I’m an interviewer at heart. It’s what I’m most interested in in life,” he added, “I like doing both.”

In the interview, conducted as he’s preparing to leave to film two seasons in Nicaragua this summer, Probst also talked candidly about his failed CBS reality show Life for the Moment. “I made a tactical error. The idea of watching someone on TV who truly was dying was just too much for people. I was blinded by it because it doesn’t scare me. Actually, it invigorates me. But that was a mistake,” he said. “I spent a year developing that show, months shooting and editing it, delays … Then to put it on and have people go: ‘Yeah, not so much.'”

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