World Cup gets its own online reality show, Bud House

The World Cup starts Friday, and for super-fans–or Americans who’d rather just stare at people in a house on their computer than watch a football/soccer game–Budweiser has created Bud House, an online reality series that’s kind of like Big Brother but without the ejaculating volcano challenges.

In South Africa, 32 of “football’s most passionate fans” (translation for Americans: soccer) are living in a house throughout the month-long World Cup, and Budweiser calls it “the largest online reality series in recent history,” according to a press release. Webisodes posted multiple times a day to YouTube will follow them as they “watch football, cheer on their team, indulge in Budweiser” and deal with challenges voted on by viewers. That includes voting “to reward your favorite fan or penalize another,” the YouTube page says.

Those in the house are eliminated when their country’s team is eliminated from the competition, but the last person standing gets to present the Man of the Match trophy to final game’s best player. They “will be grouped together in dorm-style rooms determined by the World Cup draw” so “since South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay and France are in Group A of the World Cup, then the fan representatives from those countries will bunk together in the same room to create more dialogue, and perhaps even more tension as they root for their country’s team.”

The US’ representative is Austin, whose Facebook page says he’s “a former pro player from the USA and a firm believer that football is a vehicle for cultural and worldwide understanding.”

Here’s the series’ trailer:

Bud House [YouTube]

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