Glee reality show cancelled, report says

The Glee reality show that would have found new cast members to join the Fox show next season has been cancelled. New York Magazine reports that “Glee creator Ryan Murphy wants to keep his focus on producing the main series, and overseeing another brand extension would end up being a distraction that could hurt the show.”

While Fox actually cast for the show, “Murphy and Fox execs have since quietly agreed to kill the on-air competition after it became clear that working on the reality show would mean less time for planning season two (and the recently announced season three).”

I hope that depriving us of the reality competition means they actually are planning some plot for the next season, because this past season of Glee made it clear that the writers rarely do more than write a few big scenes and then fill in the rest with some lame gender stereotype-reinforcing dialogue and big musical numbers that may or may not have anything to do with what’s going on in that episode.

Fox’s Plans for a Glee Reality Show Have Been Quietly Shelved [New York Magazine]

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