Big Brother 2’s Monica Bailey has a cameo in Steven Daigle’s latest porno

Big Brother 2‘s Monica Bailey has a cameo in a the latest gay porn film to star Big Brother 10‘s Steven Daigle, who began his porn career earlier this year. It’s called Kings of New York (watch the very NSFW trailer), and if you can make it through the bad acting in the trailer, there’s a shot of Monica; she’s fully clothed, FYI. (You can also see her in the trailer below.)

Her role appears to consist of holding an “auditions today” sign on the street in New York City. In a Lucas Film blog post, Steven says, “It was so much fun to get a chance to work with Monica, although I must admit the set of a gay porn is the last place I ever thought we would get our first chance to work together. She is hysterically funny and I am honored she took part in this incredible project.”

The blog post calls this a “reunion,” but the two appeared on different seasons. Monica, whose cousin was killed in the Sept. 11 attacks while she was in the house but wasn’t told the real story by producers until three days afterwards, came in third place during the second season.

Here’s Steven and Monica in a behind-the-scenes video that’s visually safe for work, but has some language, like when Monica discusses her favorite part of gay porn:

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