What if Big Brother’s only non-white cast member turns out to be the saboteur?

Looking at the Big Brother 12 cast, you’d think that this season’s twist is to have the whitest, least racially diverse cast ever, because there’s apparently only one non-white person. And as we learned yesterday, one cast member will be a secret saboteur/mole/America’s Player, and if the producers selected Monet for that job, that will be awkward, to say the least.

And why is the cast so white? Sure, there are other kinds of diversity, and there is some religious diversity this season, but America isn’t nearly all white like this cast is. How the hell is it 2010 and we still can’t cast a reality series to be at least a little reflective of the people who will be watching it?

An afterthought: Perhaps the cast isn’t diverse to cut down on the inevitable racism and bigotry, so the producers don’t have to sanitize and erase racism like they have in the past?

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