Big Brother 12 cast announced, includes an Orthodox Jew; house has a Miami theme

The cast of Big Brother 12 was announced on The Early Show this morning, and there are 13 cast members again, although one is America’s saboteur and isn’t competing for the prize.

Seven are in their 20s, five in their 30s, and one is 40; that’s as old as it gets. While there’s a bit of Jersey Shore (Enzo) and a guy who admitted in the Early Show clip that he’s basically stupid (Lane), the cast does seem to have more intelligence than usual, as there’s a chemistry grad student (Rachel), a podiatrist (Andrew), a high school swim coach who’s working on his PhD (Brendon), a sheriff’s deputy (Kathy), a member of Mensa who’s a web designer (Matt), and a college professor (Ragan). Of course, once they open their mouths in the preview below, they reveal themselves to be typical Big Brother cast members. Also, these may just be loose job descriptions to mask the fact that they’re all models and/or bartenders. Rachel is a cocktail waitress, for example.

Perhaps most significantly, the cast includes an Orthodox Jew, Andrew, who keeps kosher and won’t participate in competitions on the sabbath. I’m not quite sure how that will work, or how his practice might affect life in the house. Also, once again, Allison Grodner and Robyn Kass have proven themselves incapable of casting a gay person who isn’t a stereotype (Ragan says, “I will use my gayness for good and evil”).

The cast announcement press release also said that the new house, which wasn’t previewed on The Early Show–access for publicity only goes so far, apparently–will be “an Art Deco themed ‘Playground by the Shore’ that “will be accented with palm tree groves and walls of glass, while the exterior of the house is lifted straight from Miami’s Ocean Avenue.”

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