Top Model’s final two spoiled by Entertainment Weekly

Tomorrow night’s two-hour finale of America’s Next Top Model 14 will start with four girls vying to be Tyra’s next forgotten top model, but the final two has been revealed by Entertainment Weekly in its weekly TV preview. (Stop reading now if you don’t want to know.)

Alexandra, Angelea, Krista, and Raina remain in the competition, but the magazine’s blurb is written as if two of them have already been eliminated. A Blog About Things first noticed this and includes a screen shot, and the text is also still on the magazine’s web site, which suggests no one at Entertainment Weekly has noticed and/or cares. The item says:

“It’s the peppy volleyball player (Raina) versus the subdued, awesome catwalker (Krista) in the finale to one of ANTM’s least compelling seasons. It’s hard to root for Krista, who’s trash-talked her way through the season. But it’s not much easier to be on Team Raina, since she has as much edge as Bambi’s less badass sister. C+”

Is this just wishful thinking on Entertainment Weekly’s part? Or is this advance knowledge of an episode that has yet to air the consequence of something else?

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