Must-see video: Survivor’s Dragons’ video; Apprentice celebrities’ bus-throwing

Two must-watch videos that came out of two recently concluded reality series:

First, Videogum compiled the appearances of a phrase that is all too common on reality TV, but really made an impact on The Celebrity Apprentice 3. Here’s everyone throwing each other “under the bus”:

Far more amazing, however, is this video which came out of Survivor Heroes vs. Villains. Filmed at the now-destroyed resort that served as Ponderosa for two seasons, the video features eliminated contestants Ben “Coach ‘The Dragon Slayer'” Wade, JT Thomas, and Courtney Yates. They call themselves The Dragons (or The Dragonz, depending upon who you ask), and while they may never get a recording contract, they deserve some props for putting themselves out there and demonstrating more theatricality than anyone has all season on American Idol.

It’s tragic this wasn’t played on the reunion episode, because from the camera work to the editing, it’s exceptionally impressive for something that was just destined to find its primary home behind a Sprint ad on CBS’ eternally frustrating web site. At least the well-produced music video found its way to YouTube:

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