TAR’s Louie: “I’m confident I’ll be cleared” in cocaine investigation; Mike: “we flashed our badges” to get help

In March, The Amazing Race 16 contestant Louie Stravato was linked to a cop cocaine ring and put on desk duty, and he remains there today as the investigation is ongoing.

In a post-elimination interview, he told People that he couldn’t comment, but also said he’s basically not guilty: “Unfortunately, I’m still on desk duty and I can’t comment, although I’d love to, because it’s an ongoing investigation. But I’m confident I’ll be cleared shortly.”

In the same interview, his teammate Michael Naylor said the two used their badges to get help on the race. “It gave us a little bit of an edge and made up for not being able to speak the languages. You didn’t see [on TV but] some police officers in France drove us to a location when we flashed our badges. If we told people we were police officers, they bent over backwards to help,” he said.

Finally, Mike explained why they targeted Carol and Brandy instead of one of the teams that made it into the final three. “You learn as a police officer not to underestimate anybody. It could be the little old lady that shoots and kills you. Caite is not dumb. Both of them are very athletic and have no fears. I thought the final four teams were equally qualified. Everyone asks why we didn’t target the cowboys, but Carol and Brandy were world travelers who knew languages,” he said.

Amazing Race Detectives on Why They Wanted Carol and Brandy Out [People]

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