Mark Burnett’s One in a Million will be a daytime, daily, syndicated singing competition

Because five months of American Idol just isn’t enough, Mark Burnett will produce a syndicated, daily singing competition that will launch in the fall of 2011. One in a Million, which is being produced along with Trifecta entertainment, sounds pretty much like the Fox competition, except it unfolds every single day, with three judges making decisions about who to send on to the next round.

Here’s how Broadcasting & Cable describes the structure of the show:

“Each day, the half-hour strip will pit four contestants against each other in a singing competition. Each day’s winner, which will be decided by three judges, will go on to a Friday competition where a weekly winner will be determined. Each month, the weekly winners will go on to a semifinal competition. One winner from that group will go on to the finals, which will air the last week of the 33-week season. The show’s overall winner, which will be determined on the season’s final Friday, will take home $1 million.”

Trifecta CEO Hank Cohen took the idea to Burnett after creating the show’s concept, and Cohen told Broadcasting & Cable, “People have been talking about how soap operas aren’t working as much in daytime. But people always like compelling, dramatic stories. I started thinking, ‘What if you took those stories and wrapped them around a singing competition?'”

And I started thinking: What if you came up with an original idea instead of a singing competition?

Burnett, Trifecta Shopping ‘One in a Million’ [Broadcasting & Cable]

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