Nicole Scherzinger wins Dancing with the Stars, giving Derek Hough his second win

Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough won Dancing with the Stars 10 after getting a perfect score on their final dance, giving Derek his second win and the show its most-predictable outcome ever.

After her final dance, Bruno told them, “This has been the best season of Dancing with the Stars ever. You two have constantly produced some of the most inventing, exciting, creative, stunning dances I have ever seen. This was the crowning glory for an amazing season.” Yes, how amazing it is when people with dance experience dance.

Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya came in second after Evan got a 28 for his final performance and 108 points overall; but Nicole received a perfect 30 for a total of 115. Carrie Ann said Evan “won the hearts” because he is “a true champion.” Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy were eliminated first because they won far fewer hearts, apparently.

Meanwhile, all of the filler included dances by the eliminated contestants, starting as the episode opened. Kate Gosselin was relegated to the far edge of the stage, where she stood and gyrated, and not very well, alas. When we saw her rehearsal, she told Tony Dovolani, “I would probably guess that 90 percent of my audience doesn’t like me.” That was pretty honest and probably an overstatement, but one we could appreciate. Then she got all disingenuous and said that even if she danced like Evan and Nicole, “I would still get picked apart to pieces,” so she was just going to have fun. I think if she could dance 1/100th as well as either of them, she would have helped to shift that percentage of haters.

At the end of her performance of “I Will Survive” (clever!), Kate floated up toward the ceiling in a weird light as if she was dying, or perhaps she was just being transported back to cable.

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