Paula Abdul joins CBS’ Got to Dance and gets six different roles

Paula Abdul will return to TV on CBS’ Got to Dance competition series, on which she will have multiple titles and jobs. Her participation in this show was first rumored/predicted/made possible when CBS announced the pick-up of the series back in March, and CBS said it was interested in Paula.

Because she could handle one role so well on American Idol, Paula will have six–yes, six–jobs and titles on the new series. According to a press release posted on Paula’s web site today (so she could announce it herself even though it was leaked to the press yesterday), Paula will be “an executive producer, creative partner and lead judge” in addition to “coach, mentor and advocate for the contestants during the performances and elimination process by providing critical input and guidance and by sharing her experience with the hopeful contestants.”

So it’s the Paula Abdul show, basically. The series is an import from the UK, where it aired on Sky 1. Its format is described like this: “amateurs with raw talent of any age group from across the nation, either performing solo or in a group, can audition any form of dancing. … The most talented and entertaining dancers will be invited to audition for Abdul and her panel of experts, all world-class dancers themselves. The very best will perform LIVE in the Semi-Finals and Finals where they will battle it out for the right to be crowned GOT TO DANCE champion.”

In my mind, this is two strikes at once: There is no need for another dance competition, especially one that is so derivative (it’s an amateur So You Think You Can Dance with the possibility of groups), and Paula Abdul is yesterday’s news. The only real twist here is Paula’s judging a dance competition, not a singing competition, and perhaps she’ll bring something completely different that will wow and amaze us.

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