Big Brother’s Krista Stegall wants restraining order against Survivor’s Boo over battery

Survivor Fiji‘s Kenward “Boo” Bernis was cited for battery after allegedly attacking a woman in Louisiana bar bathroom, and that woman is Big Brother 2 cast member Krista Stegall, and she has filed for a restraining order.

Krista provided pictures of her bruised arms to TMZ, which reports that “she was in the bathroom at Bootleggers Bar in Lafayette, LA last month when Bernis allegedly stormed in, grabbed her arms, shoved her against a wall, and shouted, ‘this is my bar!’ … Stegall says she filed for a restraining order against Bernis last week. She claims she and Bernis — who co-owns Bootleggers Bar — were longtime friends, but never dated.”

Krista once sued CBS over an event in the Big Brother house that was seen on the live feeds: In 2001, houseguest Justin Sebik made out with Krista and then held a knife to her throat and said, “Would you get mad if I killed you?” Upon leaving the house, Krista initially said she didn’t remember and gave odd reasons for that. Earlier, she’d been arrested for battering her boyfriend, and lied to the producers about that.

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