Michael Lynche out after bland final four generate 27 million fewer votes than last year’s

Michael Lynche was almost voted out American Idol 9 five weeks ago, but he was saved by the judges. And let’s not forget how he was disqualified back in January, at least according to the media, which spread a rumor. Last night, he was actually voted out.

One Tuesday night, the final four’s duets and individual performances of songs from film drew “almost 37 million votes,” Ryan Seacrest reported. But that wasn’t nearly as amazing as he tried to make it sound. Last year, the final four generated a record 64 million votes. That’s a pretty damning indictment of this season.

Tuesday’s episode wasn’t actually that bad, except for the boring singing. Sure, the duets were better, but that’s like finding an M&M in some poo. Jamie Foxx was a pretty strong mentor, especially because he basically said that this group needs to step up. He illustrated that with “Contestant” and “Artist” t-shirts, offering the one he thought was most appropriate to each person after he coached them, which involved fun moments like dancing and shadow boxing with Michael Lynche and Jamie saying to Casey, “act as if I’m a woman, look right at me and seduce me.”

Mike only got a “contestant” t-shirt, which he wasn’t too happy about, but after the judges said he played it safe, clearly, Jamie Foxx’s t-shirt selection is an accurate predictor of success. So how about he just hands out “winner,” “runner-up,” and “third place” t-shirts and we call it a season?

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