Aaron Kelly leaves American Idol just in time to avoid awful movie songs

“You guys don’t love Wednesdays,” Ryan Seacrest pointed out to the contestants during last night’s results shows. Although they dislike Wednesdays because one of them hast to go home, and I like them because we get one step closer to the end even if we have to drag out the process of moving toward the end of the season, at least we all agree. And this results show went by faster than last week’s product-placement heavy episode, perhaps thanks again to Harry Connick, Jr., who performed with the contestants, or to Lady GaGa, who did something freakishly amazing, as usual (it was edited by the producers, she said).

Aaron Kelly went home, though Michael Lynche was also in the bottom two. Aaron makes sense; he’s grown and does okay, but his on-stage presence and performance aren’t really worthy of the top four. Or 12. But too late for that.

By the way, Ryan Seacrest talking to Aaron Kelly after eliminating him reminded me of Fred Willard’s Buck Laughlin in Best in Show, minus the humor. “How old do you think you are now?” Ryan said, and Aaron missed the joke while refraining from peeing himself and said, “Still 17.” Having not gotten the response that he wanted, Seacrest said, sounding like Fred Willard, “Old enough to take on anything, I’m sure.”

Next week, potential X Factor judge Jamie Foxx is returning to be mentor like he did last year, but he’ll have to give a lot of help, because the final four have a list of songs to choose from that MJ says “blows.”

The songs basically beg for karaoke, but perhaps what this season needs right now is Big Mike covering “My Heart Will Go On,” Crystal Bowersox strumming to Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone,” Casey James doing “Moon River,” and Lee Dewyze singing “Take My Breath Away” while Ryan Seacrest french kisses himself in the audience.

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