VH1 president admits we’re “fatigued” by “manufactured reality,” will offer “authenticity” in 44 new shows

While announcing a slate of new programming, VH1’s president admitted that the network went overboard cloning its dating reality series, and admits that they weren’t always exactly authentic. You know, fake.

“As much as they’ve enjoyed the ‘Love’ franchise, our audience was getting a little fatigued by all those manufactured reality shows. They want more authenticity in their reality, which isn’t to say that it can’t be comedic and light,” VH1’s Tom Calderone told Billboard.

The network plans 44 new series, all of which will either be related to celebrities, music (a full 40 percent of their shows will actually have to do with music), or “real life stories,” according to the paper.

But don’t get too excited that the network will suddenly turn into Discovery or something classier, like TLC. THR reports that its planned series include You’re Cut Off, which is “a rehab of sorts for nine spoiled party girls” and Money Hungry, described as “a weight-loss competition strip in which contestants risk losing $10,000 of their own cash if they don’t reduce their caloric intake.”

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