Top Chef Masters 2 returns as the (hopefully misleading) trailer emphasizes drama

Just a few hours left until the second season of Top Chef Masters, which I’m excited about because the first was so fantastic, and far exceeded the latest regular edition. It returns tonight on Bravo at 11 p.m. ET, fa owing the fine uh chowin on She Jean Us–I mean, Shear Genius.

The trailer for the new season (below) does have me slightly concerned, since it emphasizes drama and conflict. One of the best things about the first season was its relative lack of interpersonal conflict and stupidity despite the intense competition, which made the Voltaggios et al seem even more lame once their season came around.

However, watching it again, it’s pretty clear that these are mostly all moments of fun and frivolity that have been edited to suggest otherwise; combined with the Bravo voice-over guy talking into his hand dramatically, it seems worse than it will be. I hope.

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