Real World Denver house now sells liquor

Whenever I visit a city, I try to make a pilgramige to its Real World house. Even though the show now sucks, visiting the space once used for a season of the show is like visiting a cemetery and looking at the tombstone of someone you once knew and loved, but who you’ve sort of forgotten about.

Anyway, I was in Denver this past week, and walked to 1920 Market Street, the location of the $2.7 million space used for that season, which aired back in 2006 and was filmed four years ago. As I posted on Facebook, the space is now a liquor store. How great is that? It’s called Sip, and it sells “fine wine and spirits,” so it’s not quite an ABC.

According to the’s page on the Denver space, part of the ground floor was initially “renovated into Theorie, an ultra-swank nightclub and restaurant” that “closed their doors on October 31, 2009. A sports bar will soon open in the former Theorie space. The 1st floor retail space is leased to SIP Fine Wine and Spirits and the 2nd floor is leased to Gallun Snow.”

So soon the first floor will be a sports bar and a liquor store, and the fact that the space that once hosted a drunk fight that included bonus racism, among its “very, very drunk” cast’s drunken activities, is just too perfect.

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