Next week: Amazing Race takes a break, Project Runway ends, and Idol Gives Back (and bores)

Miss something last week in reality TV news? Or wondering what’s coming up next week? You’re in the right place.

The Past

Elsewhere, businesses refused to let Jersey Shore cast in because of an insane contract MTV wants them to sign, production stopped on Steven Seagal Lawman because of a lawsuit against him by an alleged sex slave, and conflict between two teams on The Amazing Race was caused by anti-lesbian sentiment, according to the team that left.

In happier news, we have a new explosive Michael Bay reality show to look forward to.

The Forward

  • Sunday, April 18
    There’s no The Amazing Race tonight because CBS is airing the Country Music Awards. But the quasi-Race-like Chefs vs. City [Food Network, 10 p.m.] returns with a rematch between Food Network personalities from the first season, and Discovery’s Life concludes [8 p.m.] with episodes about plants and primates, which are followed by a making-of special [10 p.m.]. If you’ve missed any of it, a marathon will precede the finale [starting at noon].
  • Monday, April 19
    A second season of Untamed and Uncut debuts [Animal Planet, 9 p.m.] as it shows and breaks down video of animal encounters; the first new episode is titled “Surprise Attacks.” Meanwhile, Anthony Bourdain ends his sixth season of No Reservations with a “food porn” episode [Travel Channel, 10 p.m.]. After that, Dhani Tackles the Globe for a second season [Travel Channel, 11 p.m.], as the NFL player goes to Italy and learns and plays local sports.
  • Tuesday, April 20
    Bravo didn’t reunite the cast of Kell on Earth, but is doing a reunion for Millionaire Matchmaker [Bravo, 9 p.m.], while the second season of 16 & Pregnant concludes [MTV, 10 p.m.] and then gets its own 90-minute reunion [11 p.m.].
  • Wednesday, April 21
    It’s the American Idol [Fox, 8 p.m.] that tries to do good by boring the shit out of us: yes, it’s time for Idol Gives Back. But this year, producers have promised someone will be eliminated even as we’re encouraged to give money to help the charitable causes the show has selected. Also tonight, Destination Truth [SyFy, 10 p.m.] and The Locator [WeTV, 10 p.m.] both end their latest seasons.
  • Thursday, April 22
    The Heroes and Villains tribes finally merge on Survivor [CBS, 8 p.m.], which will make the distinction between heroes and villains even more irrelevant–but stupidity will likely be highlighted as we see the fallout from JT and the Heroes’ letter-writing campaign last week. As a hint, maybe, the episode is titled “Going Down in Flames.” Also, Project Runway ends its second Lifetime season and seventh season overall [Lifetime, 10 p.m.]. Seth Aaron and Emilio will both be in the final three, but Mila and Jay had to compete for the third spot, with Mila moving on to Thursday’s finale. Oh, predictable twists!

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