Jersey Shore casting company wants Mass. residents, but not Massholes and not for MTV

The casting director behind Jersey Shore is searching for Massachusetts residents for a new show, but not for an MTV reality series.

Now, Dorin Ofir Casting is looking for Massachusetts residents, casting them via a web site They are “looking for blue collar, hard working, harder partying, tough talking, damn good-looking Mass natives from all over the state” but say they’ll “consider preps from Wellesley too if they got what it takes.” That includes “quintessential and iconic Massachusetts types, from long-time dock workers to fisherman, beer guzzlers to chowder lovers, Fenway fanatics to the men and women in blue, cabbies to yachtsman, cheerleaders to Brookline babes.”

Conversation about the casting call has identified this as a reality show about “Massholes,” but Doron Ofir told the Boston Herald that “Everyone is labeling it as ‘Massholes.’ I find that to be derogatory. I am looking at this as a love letter to the nation about (being from) Massachusetts.”

Although the casting company is searching for L.A.-based Persian people for a Jersey Shore-ish series, the Mass. “show 100 percent has nothing to do with MTV,” an MTV spokesperson said.

‘Jersey Shore’ director casts net for Mass. natives [Boston Herald]

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