Crystal Bowersox said she was “betrayed by Seacrest,” is being investigated by tabloids

Last week’s Ryan Seacrest-as-Crystal-saving Superman story was odd: a TMZ story credited Seacrest with convincing Crystal Bowersox to stay in the competition, and then E! followed up with the most ass-kissing story I’ve read all year, one that even quoted Seacrest giving himself credit.

Basically, he used a low moment in Crystal’s experience to make himself look good. As the presumed front-runner, she’ll probably be able to handle any negative backlash (and speaking of that, tabloids are digging to find something, anything about her, including about her young son. Horrible people.)

So how did Crystal respond to Seacrest’s self-aggrandizing comments? Appearing on a Star 102.5 radio show (MJ has the audio here), semi-finalist Katelyn Epperly revealed Crystal’s reaction to Seacrest’s comments.

“I texted her the second I heard something about it,” Katelyn said, adding that Crystal texted back, “‘Oh yes, I’m fine,’ she said. ‘Betrayed by Seacrest.'” Katelyn said Crystal previously only had “a moment backstage where she was missing her kid” that “they probably made it to be something it wasn’t. She’s fine. She’s still in the game.”

The irony, of course, is that Katelyn is betraying Crystal here, too. But since she’s helping to take down Seacrest, she deserves at least some forgiveness.

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