Casey James gay rumor spreads after man suggests he’s Casey’s boyfriend

It took three months into American Idol 9 for the season’s first gay rumor to surface, and it involves Casey James, the 27-year-old divorced, guitar-playing finalist who took off his shirt while auditioning and who was the focus of Kara DioGuardi’s affections for a significant period of time.

Vote for the Worst has posted a photo of Casey with someone identified as Gino, who posted a comment on Facebook suggesting (or perhaps joking?) that Casey is his boyfriend–or at least was in February. A commenter asked, “Is this ur new boyfriend???” and Gino replied, “Yes thats Casey” after someone else pointed out that “That’s Casey from American Idol.”

It’s possible that’s completely out of context, because it’s not clear what the Facebook comments are referencing, and VFTW’s source sounds quite sketchy, as their report says “VFTW has heard from an anonymous source that Casey James is gay and that his ex-wife was merely trying to help cover this up. While we’re not sure if this is 100% true yet, we got pictures from the source of Casey and his alleged boyfriend Gino.” Although VFTW’s founder acknowledges this will bring attention and hate mail during a quiet season with zero controversies, he also noted that, after the VFTW post went live, Gino changed his profile picture.

Casey was married for three years but got divorced in 2008; he met his ex-wife, Kellie James, at a Texas church. Last month, Kellie told the National Enquirer that “Girls have always had crushes on him, but Casey doesn’t encourage it. He’s not conceited or full of himself. He just does what he loves to do, which is music, but he’s never thought of himself as a heartthrob. Frankly, I think it embarrasses him.”

Is Casey James Gay? [Vote for the Worst]

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