Ellen’s shoes, Kara and Randy lesson more popular than Simon’s shirt in Idol auction

An online auction to raise money as part of Idol Gives Back features items from each of American Idol‘s four judges may reveal who’s the most popular judge–or maybe just who has the most affluent fans.

A pair of shows autographed by Ellen and four tickets to a taping of her show is currently (as of 1:30 p.m. ET) at $11,300, while a black v-neck t-shirt autographed by Simon Cowell is just $401.

Kara DioGuardi and Randy Jackson are offering time with the auction winners in the form of a one-hour private voice lesson that’s currently going for $5,300.

With that huge disparity in bids, maybe Simon Cowell won’t be missed next year, or maybe it’s just that no one wants one of his t-shirts. The auction runs through April 20.

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