Paula Abdul may host, judge new Star Search, which would mean not judging X Factor

Paula Abdul may host and judge ABC’s reboot of Star Search, but that may keep her off of The X Factor, which hasn’t itself been confirmed, although Simon Cowell has said he wants to work with her again. Earlier, Paula teased that her return to TV would be connected to her “roots,” which many thought meant she’d be on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

Monday, Entertainment Weekly reported that Paula “is finalizing a deal to headline an updated version of Star Search.” But that’s not a sure thing. Today, Paula tweeted, “Once again, until you hear it from me, you can’t believe what you read 😉 Lots of love! Paula”

And The Daily Beast reports that “Last week, sources said the former American Idol judge had stunned ABC executives by rejecting what they had deemed a staggering offer.” And as to her other potential future employment, “[s]everal observers agree that if Abdul does sign on for Star Search on ABC, there’s no chance that she can also appear on X Factor on Fox. One high-level executive in the mix says Cowell will have to decide whether he really wants Abdul, and ‘he’s a mercurial guy.'”

Simon Cowell told The Daily Beast that he doesn’t think there’s a problem with Paula returning to Fox for The X Factor despite the bad blood. “I have no idea where this speculation comes from. As far as I am concerned, Fox always valued her as a star and my relationship with Paula is as strong as ever.”

CBS actually brought back Star Search seven years ago (it even delayed the start of The Amazing Race), but cancelled it after a year. Why ABC would bring it Star Search back isn’t clear, at least until you think about their remarkable success with other talent competitions such as The One (cancelled for being the lowest-rated show in modern history) and High School Musical: Get in the Picture (second-lowest rated premiere of the summer of 2008).

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