Puck admits, tries to justify drinking two shots before crash

The Real World San Francisco cast member Puck, aka David Rainey, has admitted drinking prior to the accident that left him and his 8-year-old son hospitalized and significantly injured. But he also offered justification to mitigate that fact.

“I had a shot, two shots of Jack Daniels before I left, but I ate a sandwich with it, and when they tested my BAC, blood alcohol content, it was .03, which isn’t even wet reckless,” he told Radar.

So what, it’s perfectly legal to drink and drive as long as there’s a sandwich involved? Please.

In a video interview filmed last Sunday, Puck–who looks like he’s in bad shape and sounds oddly like Jimmy Kimmel–also shows signs of the old Puck. “One to two percent risk that I’m paralyzed after this operation,” he said, noting that the operation will cost $300,000. “Fuck TV, this is the real deal, guys. Lucky to be alive, ladies and gentleman.”

In a separate interview, his son, Bogart–who has a cut liver and chipped teeth, plus a bruised liver, bruised intestines, and a bruised lung, among other injuries–explained that Puck swerved to avoid a deer, and Puck blames the car, saying, “I was in a really crappy car, a 1988 Ford Festiva.”

Earlier, Puck chokes up when he says, “it’s kind of sad when kids get hurt, I guess. … I’m kinda bummed.”

Yes, bummer. It’s also kind of sad when it’s their reckless parent’s fault.

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