Jeff and Jordan still dating, say, “We should have been off the show two weeks earlier”

For all of you Jeff and Jordan apologists who’ve rewritten your clock faces to have 25 quarter-hour segments, and who freaked out at my suggestion that they were the weakest team whose elimination from The Amazing Race was long overdue, get this: Jeff agrees.

“We got sent on some unfortunate cab rides and got some bad directions, but we also got saved by a non-elimination [round] and a U-turn. We should have been off the show two weeks earlier,” he told People. Jordan adds, “We didn’t communicate well with each other. The whole cab ride in Germany really threw us off for the next two legs. That guy took us probably 40 minutes out of the way and put us so far behind. It just went downhill from there.”

Jeff said that they’re still dating, and that their time on the race was beneficial. “Not winning wasn’t the worst thing ever. We had a great time doing the show. We learned a lot about each other and doing the show made us a stronger couple,” he said.

Although I’ve unapologetically been intensely critical of Jeff in the past, I increasingly appreciate his self-awareness and humor, particularly during their time on the race, which added to their entertainment value. And I appreciate what he also told People when the interviewer asked about doing another reality show: “I think people are getting tired of us and need a break, so we’re going back to our regular lives. We loved every minute of our 15 minutes of fame and I’m sure we’re gonna miss it, so I would never say never.”

Reality Sweethearts Jeff and Jordan: The Amazing Race Made Us Stronger [People]

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