The Situation inadvertently reveals why season two of Jersey Shore will probably suck

The second season of Jersey Shore starts production in Miami Beach sometime in the next few weeks, but already it’s becoming obvious that season two is going to suck. It may get more viewers, like those people who missed out the first time, but there’s no way it will capture what the first season did.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino made that clear in an interview with Fox’s Tampa affiliate. Besides completely making things up (“it was the highest rated show in MTV history”), the wannabe actor makes it clear that he’s going to try very hard to top himself.

Here’s the worst of what he said:

“The Situation is going to make it legendary. It’s going to be the best reality series in history. Of course the man, the myth, the legend, The Situation is going to make it happen.” …

“You know, I really don’t know the exact location of Jersey 2 but I know it’s very soon and wherever it is, it’s going to probably be the highest rated TV show of the year. Just like Jersey Shore was. It was the highest rated show in MTV history, I believe, with the biggest ratings, with The Situation being the main character.” …

“I pretty much portray The Situation, who’s pretty much the biggest reality TV show star in the world right now so that’s who I portray. I represent. America loves The Situation and if you don’t love The Situation I’m going to make you love The Situation.”

‘The Situation’ reveals Jersey Shore secrets [WTVT]

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