Jersey Shore house for rent: $1,800 a night

If you’d like to swim in the same hot tub waters that Snooki and The Situation made out in, you can, for just $1,800 a night.

The Seaside Heights, New Jersey, house that was used for production of the first season is now for rent to the general public. The real estate listing says it has three-car parking, six bedrooms, three bathrooms, and two floors, which will provide a “once in a life time opportunity to have your Graduation, Sweet Sixteen, Bachelor or Birthday party in one of the hottest properties on the East Coast.”

Real estate broker Michael Loundy told the New York Times that you can’t see the house without signing a lease, because “All we’d be doing all day is giving tours. For us, it’s all about business.” However, the house does have its own Facebook fan page.

In an chart, the paper compares the house to another former reality TV location that the public can rent, The Real World Las Vegas$2 million suite at the Palms casino. That location hosted both Trishelle and later was used by Britney Spears the first time she got married.

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