Jersey Shore starts airing internationally this week as ads encourage viewers to “get juiced”

The world will be introduced to a new kind of situation this week when Jersey Shore starts airing on MTV’s international networks in more than 30 countries. The New York Times reports that “MTV executives say they believe the ‘Jersey Shore’ narrative is universally appealing,” and “moved up the premiere dates to take advantage of the ‘positive buzz from the U.S.'” instead of waiting until summer.

The series is being promoted in ads that use the slogan “Get Jersey Shored” and also say fun things like “get tanned” and “get juiced.” That obvious reference to steroids is not an obvious reference to steroids, according to the person responsible for marketing the show internationally. The reference is “more about working out,” MTV’s Sean Saylor told the paper.

Another MTV International ad says, “In the show that’s got America talking … prepare to meet a whole new kind of crazy.”

Betting the Situation Will Not Get Lost in Translation [New York Times]

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