Bravo announces series renewals and new shows, some baffling, some obvious

Bravo has announced a number of renewals and series orders, including some scripted series, and also said it will add 20 percent more programming this year and add a fifth night of new shows.

Most notably, the network will spin off The Real Housewives yet again with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which has been long-rumored, though there’s no mention at all of the Washington, DC, version.

Bravo has also renewed The Fashion Show, Million Dollar Listing, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Tabatha’s Salon Takeover. None of those are surprising except The Fashion Show, and it appears that the network still hasn’t gotten over its insecurity after losing Project Runway to Lifetime. (There’s no mention of Launch My Line, though.)

Other new series that Bravo has ordered are Miami Social Club, which sounds exactly like Miami Social but makes no mention of that show; Million Dollar Decorators (self-explanatory); and Pregnant in Heels, which follows Rosie Pope and her high-end maternity business.

The network is also developing several series: Mia Michaels, a docudrama about Mia Michaels; Around the World in 80 Plates, a cooking competition from Magical Elves that seems to borrow heavily from The Amazing Race; Commander in Chef, a cooking competition that features “five consecutive head-to-head battles” and culminates with the winner taking on the host/chef; Fashion Masters, a one-off fashion design competition between fashion icons; and Hitmakers, a competition between singer-songwriters.

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