The Cove will become Dolphin Warriors, an Animal Planet series starring Ric O’Barry

Best documentary Oscar winner The Cove will be adapted into an unscripted series for Animal Planet called Dolphin Warriors that continues where the film left off. The network will also be airing the film this summer.

The Los Angeles Times reported that “[t]wo episodes of the series — which is being executive produced by O’Barry’s son, Lincoln — have already been completed, although a premiere date has yet to be announced.” Ric O’Barry, who’s featured in the film and used to work as a dolphin trainer on Flipper, told the paper, “What has happened now is that they’re not killing dolphins in the cove; they’ve moved offshore. They’ve created an artificial cove out of nets, and they drive the dolphins in there and kill them so we can’t photograph it. But we have some drones and small planes and things to prove it.”

The show seems like a natural fit, especially considering Animal Planet’s successful series Whale Wars. As to details about the show, Animal Planet would only say this in a statement, attributed to Animal Planet President and GM Marjorie Kaplan:

“Animal Planet congratulates The Cove for its very deserving Oscar win. The Cove is a moving, powerful and challenging film that’s just the type of film that belongs on Animal Planet. Ric and Lincoln O’Barry are fascinating men with an important mission and remarkable stories to share. We’re delighted to be working with them on their next project.”

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