Andrew Garcia, John Park lead Idols in social networking followers; Lee Dewyze gained more

American Idol is essentially a popularity contest with karaoke, but there haven’t been many opportunities to quantify the contestants’ popularity except for actual votes received. However, this season, Fox has given each of the semi-finalists an official/controlled Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook profile, and a web site has aggregated how many followers each semi-finalist has.

Andrew Garcia leads the list by a significant margin, as he did last week, according to the fascinating data compiled by The TV Addict. He’s followed by John Park (who was number two last week) and then Tim Urban, which may explain how he stuck around despite singing horribly. Michelle Delamor is the least-popular semi-finalist right now, just as she was last week. Of course, those numbers aren’t necessarily reflective of votes; someone who’s popular on Twitter may not be the person grandparents and grandkids call in and vote for.

Compared to last week, Lee Dewyze added 193 percent, while Todrick Hall had the smallest increase: 48 percent. Aaron Kelly fell a few rungs (7th to 5th), while Casey James moved up the list (10th to 4th). Check out the full list to see everyone’s placement.

The Top 20 By the Numbers [The TV Addict]

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