Paige Miles has laryngitis and “no voice”

The American Idol 9 top 12 start the finals tonight as they all perform during the two hour episode, but one finalist, Paige Miles, might not be able to sing.

On the show’s Facebook page (Fox dropped individual social networking sites for the contestants), Paige wrote, “I have no voice at all! Doctor says its VC Laryngitis with swelling so pray for me! I will make it work regardless but what a way 2 start Top 12 :0} !!! Still excited for today! Big stage now!!!”

Considering Paige is one of the finalists whose place in the sketchy top 12 was a surprise (MJ wrote that she “was totally convinced these two [Paige and Lacey] were goners”), so not being able to sing tonight might not help her stick around much longer. Or perhaps it’ll create sympathy where there was none.

Update, 6:25 p.m. ET: As part of a new volley of updates from the finalists, Paige writes, “Will be rehearsing for the first time today in a second, but won’t be able to give a full out performance until the show! That is a little nerve wracking but I HAVE faith that I can pull through! Following doctor’s orders :0) Stoked for tonight!!!”

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