Judges disagree on just how much American Idol men suck less than last week

The general consensus from the judges on American Idol 9 last night was that the men sucked less than they did last week. Considering Crystal Bowersox’s hospitalization–Ryan Seacrest said she “was taken to the hospital” and “under doctor’s orders will not be able to perform tonight”–meant that they found out only that morning that they’d be performing that night, perhaps their performances were slightly more impressive.

If the performances were a mess, so were the judges. There were a number of occasions where they didn’t agree, which is always interesting, though very confusing for the actual contestants and for us when they’re totally contradictory (instead of just, say, in disagreement). The big problem was their coherence; the judges just don’t seem to be able to articulate what, exactly, is wrong or how the contestants should adjust. It’s not that the judges are wrong, it’s just that they’re not doing their jobs very well.

During her critique of Tim Urban, Ellen told him, “I don’t think the strong point is the singing.” That’s pretty much true of this entire season.

Meanwhile, to kill time, the contestants had to reveal something about themselves that we didn’t know. Tim Urban revealed that he prays (there was lots of god talk on Tuesday’s episode), but he might have helped himself more by showing his shirtless photos, a few of which Vote for the Worst is using to encourage the teens and tweens to keep voting for him.

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