Real Housewives’ Kelly Bensimon, Survivor Pearl Islands’ Christa Hastie naked in Playboy

Playboy’s March issue contains the headline-generating interview with John Mayer, but the magazine also includes something people care far less about: naked photos of Real Housewives Kelly Bensimon, who’s also on the cover, joining a lot of other reality TV Playboy cover models. Meanwhile, Survivor Pearl Islands cast member Christa Hastie is naked on the magazine’s web site.

Regarding her photo shoot, Kelly told New York Magazine that her daughters “were there when we filmed it — they came to the studio with Gilles,” her ex-husband and the photographer. “We ate breakfast together, we talked about it, and you know, they understand that I’m 41 years old. I’ve been maintaining this for a long time. It’s not like, I woke up one day and I looked like this. I’ve worked really, really hard to be in good shape all my life, and I want my kids to have strong values in terms of taking care of their bodies.”

And a strong appreciation for Photoshop, perhaps? In the obviously NSFW six-photo spread, which has found its way online, Kelly shows her breasts and butt, but that’s it. In one photo, she’s also wearing a strange belt with bullets for some reason.

Meanwhile, Christa, who placed sixth on Survivor Pearl Islands (and who may be best known outside of the show for posting messages online seeking drugs) has posed for the magazine’s web site. Those photos have been posted elsewhere online, too.

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