Valishia: “I kind of felt a little bombarded by producers and people who tried to sway me”

In addition to the two women whose stories changed between post-elimination interviews and last night’s Bachelor reunion, we now have one whose story changed between last night’s reunion (which, of course, wasn’t taped last night) and today. The evidence Valishia offered was very thin, but she ultimately said she didn’t believe her roommate Rozlyn. But now she says she felt pressured.

“I heard everyone else’s stories, and I kind of felt a little bombarded by producers and people who tried to sway me to that side,” Valishia told Us Weekly. “Still, to this day, I never saw anything that made me think it was a sexual relationship. Never. And I was the closest to her — I was her roommate! I had the same producer she had come visit me at my house. If anything, he was very forward and flirtatious.”

Valishia does offer an accusation, of sorts: “I don’t think there was a sexual relationship. I think there was an inappropriate relationship; I think the producer told her information he shouldn’t have and they became friends.”

But overall, Valishia suggests that the story came about “because of gossip in the house” and said the other “girls were threatened by how beautiful Rozlyn is,” and they “jumped to conclusions and that created the story and then they just let it go to this snowball effect. I just don’t know who to believe, but my heart still feels that this has blown way overboard.”

Bachelor’s Valishia: I “Feel Bad” I Told Rozlyn I Didn’t Believe Her [Us Weekly]

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